My "TRAGIC TO TRIUMPH" True Story, by Jacqueline (Part 1)

If there is any glory, it is YHWEH's

One of the worst things that I have ever experienced in my life that still affected me greatly into adulthood, was being criminally forced onto dangerous mind-altering drugs when I was just a child. Even approximately 6 or more different powerful drugs being forced into my system on a daily basis. Yes. Each, and every, day.

Sadly, my story is not the only one out there. And those who are without parents to protect them from these weaponized drugs- or even worse- who have parents that are actually playing an active role in seeking to harm their very own child- are some of the most vulnerable, to this horror.

But, the sad thing is that even children with well-meaning parents who did not know any better regarding some of the dangers of psychiatric drugs have ended up finding themselves in absolute regret and with children who sadly in many cases have even ended up dead.

That being said, these days it is a lot easier to learn about the dangerous potential these drugs have on the youth and so parents are, hopefully, a lot more aware about these things beforehand in order not to take part in the current attack on the western world’s youth…

So, in my case, while I was a “super, super good-girl” straight-A student, etc. I, sadly, had an extremely troubled birth-mother who I “caught” smoking weed when I was 12 years old, which somehow triggered her psychosis and it was after that point that I became her target. Mind-blowingly, she was a social worker, extremely, extremely intelligent, and as per the classic narcissistic personality disorder & psychopathic traits- extremely charming. This was what appeared to be an absolutely unequivocally worst nightmare for a child to find themselves in, but that was my reality.

From the statistics I have seen, psychiatrists were calculated to have the highest suicide rate of all professions on this earth. Seems this may be their conscience’s catching up with them, or maybe they are just reaping what they have sown. But the fact remains that psychiatry even has strong ties to the holocaust and a history that is rooted in torture… From “bleeding” people’s brains, castrating them, and electrocuting them. It even may have come close to being outlawed in America, after what happened in the holocaust, but somehow it regrettably did manage to sneak its way past its trail of dead &/or detrimentally injured “patients” and is thriving in America today like maybe never before in the history of the country since it’s founding.

But not all stories end in devastation and there is a way out. With God. With truth. With powerful, yet gentle herbal formulas and specific, incredible, top-of-the-line inner-healing methods. God can still use all of these things for good, in accordance to His Word, for those who love Him and are called according to His purpose.

And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to His purpose.

Romans 8:28 KJV*

So, after being heavily drugged up over approximately one full year, and even being sent to many different institutions and being exposed to systematic child abuse on many levels over a period of approximately 2+ years- Elohim God did awesomely rescue me from this unfathomable attack. I was able to taper off the drugs to completion, move back to my birth-father’s house, and finally… I was “free.”

Of course… In many ways, I was not the same person anymore and the brain trauma caused by the drugs was mind-blowing. While it may not have been obvious to someone who had not closely witnessed me from before these things occurred, until afterwards… the truth was that in certain ways, I simply was not able to think the same way, and some of my God-inherited rights to whom I was, had certainly been stolen from me, against my will and despite my best interest. So, while many, many dollars may have gone straight into different psychiatrist's pockets for every drug I was criminally forced to ingest against my will, I was the one who was left without any compensation, at that point, nor any price tag that could even come close to repaying me for what had been wrongfully taken.

But this was “my cup to drink” and as someone who I do believe has been called to Prophetic ministry- as many may understand, being a real Prophet is no joke and sometimes may involve a lot of suffering.

The good news is that it’s not all “bad” because followers of Messiah are also always being led in victory and going from glory to glory. So when I eventually did find The LORD Jesus Christ over 12 years ago when I was 25 and receive that authority from Him over the domain of darkness, that is when my life definitely saw a major, indescribably and significant change, and to Him belongs all the glory forever and ever, ahmen.

In years thereafter I received lots of deliverance. Continued in my pursuit of deep inner-healing. And I also continued to learn about a major passion of mine that I had discovered along the way, which was natural medicine. This included herbal detoxing, juice fasting, and much more.

Being called to Prophetic Ministry, I was receiving many prophetic dreams &/or words, etc. I was being sent to different geographical locations where I would be ministered to, or be shown important lessons to help continue to prepare me for my calling. As a Jew, I was blessed to also know even prior to giving my life to Messiah, that Sabbath was not sun-day, and had grown up familiar with things like Passover and Sukkot.

Eventually, I did find myself called to live in Israel and I did live there for 4 years. It was at that time that some of the trauma I had endured (which was also something that had drastically affected my romantic relationships and influenced me to “attract” abusive men into my life) that had “unfortunately” not yet been fully rooted out, so that it still influenced me to regrettably make some bad decisions- “came to a head;” and, as I see/understand it, I found myself in a position where God had judged that it was time for me to be disciplined. So, I believe I was, and thankfully right before this began I believe I had received much assurance from Him prophetically so that when I entered into this very frightening season that was used to help me realize that there was still room for repentance in my life concerning a specific big mistake I had made- I was able to maneuver through that without being deceived into thinking that God had utterly forsaken me. Glory to Him, forever and ever, ahmen.

And so what had happened, was that at a certain point when I was in Israel I had “accidentally” ingested some essential oils that were not pure and were actually very toxic, and had found myself at a point of being seriously, seriously poisoned. Praise be to YHWEH, He was very strongly with me during that time and I was shown Prophetically a specific MD Herbalist doctor overseas to zoom with including the exact day/time of the meeting, which apparently I was told by their office afterwards, was very rare that this opening had become available, and was only due to a cancellation. So this MD doctor, who was also trained in herbalism, helped guide me regarding exactly what to do- because the local hospital sure didn’t know, when I had gone to their ER initially.

And while I was already familiar with herbal detox and top herbalist Dr. Richard Schulze, she helped guide me on a very correlated detox program to follow and after briefly hearing my story, she actually recommended I follow this protocol for approximately 6 months or so, in order not only to get me past the state I had found myself in due to the fake essential oil poisoning, but to also help remove many of the toxins that were still in my system with regards to the heavy amount of powerful drugs that had been wrongfully forced upon me in my youth.

And so all I can say is God came through for me. I had sinned. I was being punished. And yet even in at least some of my punishment, I also received one of the biggest blessings I have ever received in my life. Because while not only after the first few weeks or so, was I “in the clear” from the fake essential oil poisoning, glory to Elohim God Most High, forever and ever, ahmen. But after those 5-6 months or so, I also felt a massive change within my mind and body with regards to all those drugs that had been forced into my system, in my youth.

And something shocking happened. The “haze” that I had felt, that had “taken over” my life in certain ways… was gone. My intelligence shot through the roof compared to what it had been (even though even prior to the detoxification I had still been able to get all A’s in university). And I was actually able to take in information around me, in a way that in the past I had been prevented from doing (to the point that before that detox, I had not even felt comfortable to drive a car!) And it was like I had finally gotten areas of my mind back that had been wrongfully stolen from me.


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If you were not already familiar with the potential dangers of psychiatric drugs, then this free youtube documentary that I came across today, created by a child victim's mother may be a good place to begin to gain a clearer understanding on this crucial topic. As of this moment, I have only watched about the first half, so I cannot vouch for it in its entirety, but from what I did see so far, I am definitely very impressed.

Additionally, for even more information, specifically on institutionalized child abuse... despite the daily nightmares she was battling, after what she was exposed to- this is something that the world-famous Paris Hilton has actually been recently courageously speaking out about, helping to improve laws and advocate for these voiceless children who are currently being held captive in America this very minute. She shares about this in her somewhat new documentary “This Is Paris,” viewable for free on youtube now. (Disclaimer: viewer discretion is advised as this was definitely not made specifically for a faith-based audience, and specifically with regards to clothing/outfits that would usually be considered “modest.”)

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