Jacqueline Servantess is a Jewish born-again follower of The LORD Messiah Jesus Christ Yhosha The Messiah. Raised in a Jewish home, she found her Messiah and Savior in 2010 right around Passover time. Since then it's been an incredible journey, filled with adventure and lots of preparation and pruning. 

Some of the specific encouragements you will find with this ministry include:

1) Our strong stance against anti-Semitism/ false anti-Israel teachings.

2) Our strong encouragement to have a personal relationship with Elohim God, continuing in prayer & Scripture, spending quality time with Him and seeking Him directly while keeping truth top priority in one's heart and seeking to grow in discernment.

3) Our strong encouragement to break free from any man-made traditions that may not fully line up with The Word of God (The Holy Bible) whether "Jewish traditions" or "Christian traditions," and to rather really try to get closer to the way The Messiah truly did live (as our example) as well as His Apostles in the book of Acts. This includes things like obedience to His Word and keeping the Sabbath from Friday evening until Saturday evening.

That being said there is tons of value for you to get out of her work so please be sure to stay connected!

Called to Prophetic ministry she believes she was shown in a dream from Above to create this Ministry Youtube Channel several years ago after returning from living in Israel (which has it's own testimony in itself...!!!) where you will find a variety of powerful content, from original songs, dreams/visions, encouragements, Bible studies, and more..!

There is also a brand new Ministry Facebook Group where we will be posting on a regular basis & where people can fellowship...


As well as our actual mailing list at the bottom of this page, which is definitely also one of the very best ways to stay connected. 👍

Image by Sincerely Media
Prayer at the Western Wall
Christian Quarter of Jerusalem

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